The Kaufman Tavern will be serving Brunch from 10-3 on Sunday, 4/4 Enjoy selections from our Brunch menu or these exclusive features;

Goat Cheese stuffed Prosciutto with Melon
Deep Fried Corn and Bacon Risotto Arancini

Smoked Cajun Honey Ham with Broccoli Casserole & Whipped Potatoes
Lobster Omelet with Trinity Asparagus, Cajun Sweet Cream & Smoked Cheddar
Strawberry Shortcake French Toast with Strawberry Cream, Fresh Strawberries & Berry Compote
Kaufman Filet Benedict with Hollandaise, Spinach, Lump Crab & a Poached Egg

Almond Cake with Brandied Fruit Coulis
Strawberry Cream Pie by Debbie’s Delicious Desserts